How do I Hold My Fare on Emirates?

Emirates is famous for connecting worldwide travelers to their chosen destinations and impart experiences to cherish. Now, the airline has taken its customer service standards up to notch with a new feature called Hold My Fare. The Emirates Hold My Fare makes it easier for customers in select markets and the UAE to book and lock in their chosen fares.

By locking fares, you can plan your travel be it family getaways, business trips, or weekend escapes. Moreover, Emirates is the first airline in the region to introduce this online service to customers. Now, let’s go through the following account and learn more about holding fares with the airline and fly at cost-effective tickets.

Can You Hold The Fare on Emirates?

Yes, Emirates offers you a hold my fare option that helps you lock prices for 72 hours. If you have found flight fares that suit your budget, but are not ready to book, the airline allows you to change your plan without changing the ticket cost.

So you can take time to finalize your travel date and vacation plans, without worrying of losing the perfect flight fares.

Reserve a fare for Economy Class bookings on Emirates flights except for those departing from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Greece, Japan and Mexico.

What is the Emirates Hold My Fare Option?

The Emirates allows you to select an Air Fare and lock it with the Hold it Option. This new feature by the airline facilitates passengers to grab competitive fares for up to 72 hours by paying a nominal fee.

The Emirates hold my fare fee is calculated as per the destination or route for which the booking is made. The fee applies to every traveler except infants. So, you must authorize the booking to lock in the most suitable fare for the selected flight. The airline freezes the fare for you on your credit card.

How Can I Hold My Fare with Emirates?

Do you want to know how to hold my fare with the Emirates? Scroll down and grab the fare of your choice and budget.

  • Visit the official website of Emirates.
  • Go to the payment page.
  • Select the ‘Hold My Fare’ option.
  • Proceed to the ‘Manage a booking’ page.
  • Choose Hold My Fare at checkout.
  • Grab your chosen flight fare for 72 hours.
  • Select  ‘Pay Now’.
  • Add more services like travel insurance, hotel stays and car rentals to your trip.

You have successfully secured your spot on your flight without having to pay extra in case the price increases before final booking. Simply have your name and booking reference handy when you want to pay for it finally.

For any assistance, contact the customer service team of the airline.

Please note

The email that the airline sends you after selecting the ‘Hold My Fare’, informs you until when the booking will be held for you. Also, the email guides you with instructions and links to the ‘Manage a booking’ page so that you can decide when to pay for your chosen flights.

How Much Does Emirates Hold My Fare Cost?

The Emirates hold my fare cost depends on your flight route. So, check the cost with the airline that you have to pay to hold your flight fares.

In Conclusion

Therefore, with Emirates Hold My Fare, grab flight booking prices that best suit your pocket and preferences. Make sure to follow the guidelines and you will be good to go.

If you need any assistance regarding locking your booking cost, the customer service team of the airline is there to assist you.

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How do I Hold My Fare on Emirates?
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