What to Expect in Emirates Airlines Economy Class?

Emirates Airlines Economy Class

Enjoy Excellent Features in Emirates Airlines Economy Class

Have you purchased an economy ticket with Emirates and are expecting nothing special onboard? Think again. Renowned for its luxury and efficient services, Emirates offers you a wonderful experience. And it is not about higher travel classes. You can have a great experience with Emirates airlines economy class as well.

Be prepared for a fancy journey on Emirates flights at the affordable fares of economy class. Enjoy delish meals, the lowest extra charges, comfy seats, and award-winning in-flight entertainment onboard. To know more about what economy class offers you on an Emirates flight, go through the following account.

What Does Emirates Airlines Economy Class Offer You?

You are excited to board your Emirates flight for the much-awaited trip. However, you are prepared for a standard journey as you have booked economy tickets. But wait. What if your Emirates airline economy class booking awaits you with an experience to treasure?

Sounds like a jackpot! Isn’t it? So, let’s see how Emirates pampers you even in the economy class.

Priority boarding

The airline offers priority boarding for families and Emirates Skywards Platinum and Gold members. Others board the flight as per the rows of seats.

Seat selection

You can select your favorite seats online for free. So, if you have flex or flex plus economy fares, choose your seats 48 hours before boarding.

On international flights, enjoy maximum comfort with leather headrests, flexible side panels, and other ergonomic features. Wide seat cushions add to your comfort.

Special care for kids

Emirates offers child-friendly seating. Its non-stop entertainment treats kids to more than 150 channels of children specific entertainment. Moreover, the airline offers meal options to fussy eaters.

Redefined dining

With Emirates airline, you can choose regionally inspired food items in economy class for a flavorful experience. Multicourse meals, complimentary drinks, and regional treats up your dining delight onboard.

Whether you are on a short or long-haul flight, you will feast on succulent bites and meals.

Award-Winning entertainment

Keep yourself entertained with almost 6,500 channels. Emirates Skywards members can enjoy the in-flight entertainment for free. Have unlimited doses of fun and recreation through seat-back screens.

Select from the latest movies, games, music, and TV shows for unparalleled entertainment onboard.

Smooth checked baggage

The Baggage allowance on Emirates Airlines economy class is generous. Thereby, you can pack as much as you want and bring along your baggage. However, when flying beyond  the Americas and Europe, remember the weight restrictions on baggage.

Now, let’s take a look at the Emirates baggage allowance for economy travelers.

Weight Allowance

Each bag must be within 32 kg. All flight routes follow this weight but not trips between Americas and from Africa.

Let’s see the weight allowance for economy ticket types –

  • Special – 20 kg
  • Saver – 25 kg
  • Flex – 30 kg
  • Flex Plus – 35 kg
Please note

Flights originating from Australia and New Zealand allow 30 kg with Economy Saver.


The total dimensions of a bag should be within 300 cm (118 inches).

When traveling from Dammam International Airport, each bag has a 215 cm (84.64 inches) dimensions limit.

Please note

If your baggage exceeds these dimensions, Emirates doesn’t allow it as a checked bag. It will be sent as freight or cargo. Moreover, the airline charges an additional fee on it.

Piece Concept
Regions Baggage Allowance
To and from the Americas and Africa (except flights within the Americas, and between US and Europe)
  • Special fares – 1 piece, 23 kg max.
  • Saver, Flex, and Flex Plus fares – 2 pieces, 23 kg each
Flights within the Americas and between the US and Europe
  • Special and Saver fares – 1 piece, 23 kg max.
  • Flex and Flex Plus fares – 2 pieces, 23 kg each

Please note

Emirates Skywards Platinum and Gold members can get 1 additional piece of checked baggage at 23 kg per piece over the ticketed limit.

Since Emirates Airline economy class offers so much on a budget, every traveler leaves a star-studded review for it on different portals.

Sustainable amenity kits

Emirates gives amenity kits on longer flights. Use the essentials of the kits to feel fresh when you reach your destination.

Can I Save More with the Emirates Economy Ticket?

Yes, you can enhance the value when traveling in an economy class with Emirates. Here’ are some of the tips to maximize your ticket value –

Use Emirates Best Fare Finder Tool

To save more on Emirates economy tickets, find the best fares on the airline’s Best Fare Finder tool. Available only for economy passengers, the tool displays a classic fare calendar. If you have flexible travel dates, pick the best deals.

Book Economy Tickets with Points

You can also pay for your Emirates airlines economy class ticket with miles or credit card points. Thereby, spend less from your pocket and more from your account with the airline.

Count on the Fifth-Freedom Flights

When an airline operates flights between two countries and none is its home base, such flights are referred to as the fifth-freedom ones. Since Emirates is UAE based, its fifth-freedom flights provide incredible value for U.S.-based economy class travelers.

In Conclusion

To wrap it up, Emirates offers you so much to delight in with its economy tickets. Its in-flight features and ways to save on your tickets give you enough reasons to choose economy class. Famous as a luxurious airline that offers first-rate experience to its business and first class travelers, Emirates provides an amazing trip to economy travelers. So, book Emirates airlines economy class tickets for a trip to cherish. Delight in uncompromised services, delectable culinary treats, spacious seats, and generous baggage allowances.

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What to Expect in Emirates Airlines Economy Class?
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