Can I Upgrade My Emirates Flight to Business Class?

Emirates Business Class Upgrade

Emirates Business Class Upgrade for Luxury Trip

Your flight with Emirates is scheduled in a few days. However, you want to fly in a higher travel class. So, go ahead with Emirates business class upgrade or one to the First Class, as you please. Travel comfortably and with enhanced amenities , extra legroom, meals, drinks, entertainment, and even more! Emirates offers business class upgrades at check-in when you have award tickets and a seat is available on your flight. However, this works only at airport check-in. Simply tell an Emirates executive that you are looking forward to upgrading Skywards miles. Now, let’s get to know more about business and first class upgrades with Emirates.

Emirates Upgrade to Business Class – Things to Remember

Go through the following points when you are looking forward to getting an Emirates upgrade to Business Class or First Class. The airline allows you to upgrade every fare type. However, Economy Special is an exception here. This is the most restrictive and the cheapest flight fare. Now, let’s proceed to see the guidelines for an upgrade.

Call +1-860-200-8875, where an expert will guide you about the upgrade and help you grab one.

Emirates Guidelines for an Upgrade

  • You can upgrade only to the next class higher. So, an upgrade is allowed from –
    • Business Class to First Class
    • Economy to Premium Economy or Business Class
    • Premium Economy to Business Class
  • Request an upgrade –
    • 48 – 6 hours prior to departure (applicable for Economy Class Saver fares).
    • Before at least 6 hours of the departure for the following fares –
      • Economy Flex/Flex Plus
      • Premium Economy Flex Plus
      • Flex Plus/Business Flex
  • Your fare type determines the number of Miles required for an upgrade. These fare types are:
    • Saver,
    • Flex, or
    • Flex Plus

Please note

When you are going for an Emirates upgrade to business class with miles, count on your Skyward Miles/tier miles from your initial class of booking.

You can upgrade most of the tickets immediately after the purchase, except Economy Class Saver fares. These are allowed for an upgrade at check-in.

Online upgrades are unavailable for Emirates flights that other airlines sell. You can get online upgrades for these even if the Emirates code is displayed on the booking.

How to Upgrade Business Class to First Class on Emirates?

If you want to travel in a first class and have a booking in business class, count on the Emirates upgrade feature. Here are the simple steps to get your preferred upgrade to first class. However, before you start with an Emirates business to first class upgrade, take a look at its eligibility criteria.

First Class Upgrade Eligibility

  • A Business Class ticket is mandatory.
  • The flight selected must qualify for an upgrade.
  • Seat availability for upgrade
  • Request the upgrade at least before 6 hours of the flight’s scheduled departure. If you can’t request it within the time period, check for an upgrade when you check-in.

Business to First Class Upgrade Method

Now, let’s see the steps to upgrade your business class booking to first class.

  • Visit Emirates website.
  • Go to Manage your Booking section.
  • Enter your booking details.
  • Find the upgrade cost.
  • Check if upgrade is possible with Skyward Miles.
  • Follow the prompts and upgrade.
Please note
  • Set up for an automatic Emirates business class upgrade to stay updated. This helps in an automatic upgrade, when available with Skyward Miles. You can also sign up to get upgrade alerts through an SMS or email.
  • Select your seat or meal preferences through the Passenger tab.

What is the Emirates Business Upgrade Cost?

When you are getting an upgrade, it is good to know how much you have to pay for it. The cost of the upgrade depends on the route selected. However, before proceeding to the price of business class upgrade, consider the points mentioned below –

  • Business Class must be just above the travel class in which you have a booking.
  • Every flight has a limited number of upgrades.
  • Your Skywards Miles are as per your travel class, booked initially.

Now, coming to the Emirates business class upgrade cost, it is $300 to $1,500. However, the prices can increase as per the route chosen.

Please note
  • The cost is subject to change and depends on various factors. Contact a customer service executive of Emirates.
  • Restrictions mentioned above are not for Skywards members, who are eligible for an upgrade, irrespective of their ticket type.

Can I Get an Upgrade with Emirates Skywards Miles?

Do you have a Skywards membership? Time to spend Skywards Miles that you have for upgrading your booking. First Class upgrades are easily available with your membership and so are on Premium Economy and Business.

You can get hands on these upgrades through the following methods, as per your convenience  –

Online Ways

  • Manage your Booking, or
  • Check-in

Offline Ways

  • Through phone call
  • Via check-in at the airport, or
  • Onboard under specific conditions

How Many Emirates Skywards Miles Should I Have for a Business Upgrade?

If you want to know how many Emirates Skywards miles should be in your account to get an upgrade to business class, here is your answer.

  • Your ticket Economy type determines miles that you have to spend. It ranges from Economy Saver and Economy Flex to Economy Flex Plus.
  • To know the how many miles you have to spend,
    • Log in your skywards account.
    • Proceed to spend miles that has a miles calculator.

The calculator tells how many miles it will take for a one-way trip. It depends on the type of your economy fare.

For example, your New York to Dubai upgrade costs 108,000 on a Flex Plus ticket, 140,400 on a Flex ticket, and 190,000 miles on a Saver ticket.

Does Emirates Give Free Business Class Upgrades?

Usually, you can’t get a free business class upgrade with Emirates. However, you can be upgraded to Business Class from Economy for free, if –

  • You are a Skywards member having a lot of Miles in your account.
  • Your flight is overbooked.

In Conclusion

What are you waiting for? Delight in an Emirates business class upgrade with its flexible and customer-friendly approaches. You can also upgrade with Miles through online or offline methods. However, keep the business class upgrade rules in mind when upgrading. Moreover, if you are going for a First-Class upgrade, check your eligibility for it. To add, you can get free automatic upgrades when available. So, if you have a trip with Emirates anytime soon and you want to upgrade your travel class to business or first, use the information above. And enjoy a flight experience just what you are looking forward to.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get a free Emirates business class upgrade?

For free Emirates upgrades, set up automatic upgrades and sign up for Emirates upgrade alerts. This gets you automatic upgrades & notifies you for the same when available.

What is complimentary on Emirates business class?

Emirates lounge, lie-flat seats, Wi-Fi, Business travel benefits, Emirates Business Rewards, and gourmet meals are complimentary of Emirates business class.

How often does Emirates upgrade?

Auto upgrades are available 90 days to 72 hours before departure. Subject to seat availability, auto upgrades are processed between 60 days and 48 hours from departure.

Can I Upgrade My Emirates Flight to Business Class?
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