What is Emirates Airlines Refund Policy?

Emirates Airlines Refund Policy

You were excited to hop on your upcoming Emirates flight. However, an emergency came up and you had to cancel your booking. Now what? Will your booking and money go for a toss? Relax. With Emirates Airlines Refund Policy you are covered.

The airline understands that there are situations when you can’t continue with your travel plans. That’s why it has devised smart cancellation and refund policies that are in the best interest of its travelers. So, if you can’t proceed with your booking with the airline, you can cancel it and get a refund.

Sounds good? The experience is even better. After all, Emirates values your money and invests its possible efforts to make sure that you are at benefits, flying or not. Now, go through the account that follows and get to know more about the Emirates refund policy.

What is The Emirates Refund Policy?

If you have canceled your Emirates flight booking and are looking forward to getting a refund, go through the rules that the airline has set for it. To help you, here are the Emirate refund policy highlights.

  • You can get a refund if you cancel a booking made within 24 hours. However, your flight must be scheduled at least after 7 days. This 24-hour window is for all the ticket types.
  • After this risk-free window, non-refundable tickets have to pay cancellation charges. Their refund is as per their eligibility in accordance with the airline’s discretion. The booking type and time remaining for the scheduled flight’s departure determines their refund value.
  • Non-refundable flight tickets get travel credits. You can book your future trips with these credits.
  • There are instances when you have utilized a part of your ticket because of uncertain events. In such cases, the airline deducts the fees and refunds you the unused part.
  • Travelers can get a full refund as per Emirates Air refund policy, if they have to cancel a trip because of a serious medical health issue or a sudden demise in the family.
  • It takes 7-10 business days to credit the refund to the original mode of payment.

How to Get a Refund from Emirates?

When you know that you will have to cancel your booking with the airline, it is good to know the process to obtain it. So, for your reference, here is the Emirates refund request process –

  • Visit the official website of Emirates.
  • Go to the Manage Booking section.
  • Retrieve your booking.
  • Enter your booking code and last name.
  • Hit the Submit button.
  • Review your booking.
  • Select the flight for which you want to get a refund.
  • Hit the option of Get a Refund.
  • A new screen appears on the Emirates website where a refund form is displayed.
  • Enter the details required.
  • Once you submit the form, the airline will send you a confirmation email.

Can I Get a Refund if I Cancel My Emirates Online Booking?

Yes, Emirates Airline gives you a full refund according to your ticket conditions and its policy guidelines. The airline will refund your original payment mode.

For more information, scroll down –

  • Hold your ticket and travel on a later date with it.
  • The airline has extended the ticket validity, making your travel plans more flexible. Check your ticket options on the Emirates official website.
  • Through Manage your booking, you can still cancel your tickets. Thereafter, complete the refund form online.

Please note

Check your ticket conditions before applying for a refund. Since some tickets are non-refundable, you might have to pay cancellation charges for those.

What is the Emirates Cancellation Policy?

When discussing getting a refund on flight ticket cancellation, know the conditions for canceling a booking. As the airline has some smartly designed policies for convenience of its travelers, one for canceling tickets is no exception.

So, here are the highlights of Emirates cancellation policy for your reference –

  • Cancel your ticket within 24 hours of booking to avoid any cancellation charges. However, your flight must be scheduled after at least 7 days.
  • If you don’t cancel your ticket within this risk-free window of 24 hours, the airline will charge you a cancellation fee (on non-refundable tickets). 
  • Your flight type, distance, and the destination chosen determine the cancellation fee. 
  • If required, the cancellation charges are deducted from the total amount to be refunded.
  • Make sure that if you are raising a refund request with the airline, your ticket must not be used, non-refundable, or expired.

So, know if your Emirates tickets are refundable when you want to claim a refund on your canceled flight.

How to Know If I Have Purchased a Refundable Emirates Ticket?

You know that refundable tickets are eligible to get a full refund after cancellation. That’s why you might want to know if you have booked your trip with a refundable ticket. But how can you find out? Here’s how –

  • Go to the Emirates official website.
  • Select the option of Manage your Booking.
  • Go through your itinerary.
  • Enter your booking number and last name.
  • Hit the retrieve booking button.
  • Check the details and pick a flight for a refund.
  • If you see a refund option, you have a refundable ticket. Request a refund as per Emirates airline ticket refund policy since you are eligible for it.

As your cancellation determines your refund as per specific terms and conditions, let’s go through the major points of the airline’s policy for cancellation.

In Conclusion

In a nutshell, when you are flying with Emirates Airlines, you are in for a commendable experience. Right from booking your tickets to modification, managing, rebooking, and refunding, Emirates keeps you covered at every step. So, worry not if you have to call off your booking because of unannounced circumstances coming up. The airline understands that things happen, and passengers have to address those. That’s why it has come up with Emirates Airlines Refund Policy, which is well-designed to suit the requirements of passengers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Emirates give me a full refund?

Yes, Emirates gives you a full refund till your ticket fare conditions match its eligibility criteria.

Does Emirates have a 24-hour cancellation policy?

Yes, Emirates has a 24-hour cancellation policy that gives a refund on canceling tickets within 24 hours of booking. But book trips after 7 days or more from the flight departure.

How long does it take for Emirates to refund?

Usually, it takes 7-20 working days for Emirates to refund the amount to the original payment mode.

Does Emirates refund tickets booked through a travel agent?

To get a refund on tickets booked within 24 months through a travel agent, contact him/her for a refund. For tickets over 24 months, fill out the Emirates refund form.

What is Emirates Airlines Refund Policy?
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