The Emirates Airlines Inflight Entertainment Experience

Do you have an Emirates booking? Why not up it with the award-winning Emirates Airlines Inflight experience? Famous for its luxurious in-flight features that transform your trip into a treasure-worthy delight, Emirates is all about its passengers.

That’s why the airline is crowned as a top-tier carrier offering full service to its travelers. And why not? The airline is committed to providing the best of comfort and class. Moreover, it pampers you with a generous dollop of entertainment. Thereby imparting you a trip to cherish and giving reasons to choose Emirates time and again.

Select from up to 6,500 channels from the commendable inflight entertainment system. Now, scroll down to learn more about it.

What Does Emirates Airlines Inflight Entertainment Offer?

With Emirates Airlines inflight entertainment system, you are spoiled for choices. From music to internet browsing, from movies to TV shows, from customized playlists to online magazines, select the type of entertainment you want. And Emirates will bring you what you desire.

The airline takes your inflight recreation up with its “ice”. It is as cool as it sounds. This award-winning ICE Emirates entertainment stands for –

I – Information

C – Communication

E – Entertainment

Thereby, Emirates provides you with the information, allowing you to communicate and facilitating entertainment in the cloud.

Let’s go through the inflight entertainment options that the airline presents you.

How Can I Stay Entertained on an Emirates Flight?

To make the most of your Emirates Airlines Inflight experience, count on the various choices that you have.

Download the Emirates App

Create your ice playlist in the Emirates app. Available for iOS and Android, the app allows you to create your playlist for hours of pure entertainment.

If you want to know how to create your playlist, follow the steps mentioned below –

  • Go to the Emirates app.
  • Add your flight booking.
  • Watch trailers, the latest blockbusters, and read synopses.
  • Tap to add content to your playlist.

Count on the Inflight Airshow

Stay tuned with your flight status through the airline’s moving map. Watch the world below up close with Emirates’ external cameras.

Get updates regarding sports, the latest news, weather, etc. right on your screen. Also, listen to radio, podcasts, or music on the go.

Paint Your Trip with EmiratesRED

Want to go shopping in the air? Check out EmiratesRED, the Emirates Airlines inflight shopping magazine that introduces you to a wide selection of products. Choose from travel gadgets, luxury items, and seasonal items and get them delivered to your seat onboard!

If you want to surprise your loved ones during the flight, go for this Boutique shopping for a superb travel lifestyle.

Get Onboard Wi-Fi

Get connected with great Wi‑Fi data plans throughout your journey.

Please note

Wi-Fi is available on selected Emirates routes. It also depends on the type of aircraft, its configuration, and its model.

Tune in to personalized content

From a plethora of movies, TV shows, and podcasts, enjoy your Emirates Airlines inflight entertainment content the way you want. After you have created your playlist, sync it with your seatback television screen.

Now, it’s time to surrender yourself to hours of unlimited entertainment.

Enjoy a 3D Immersive Experience

Jazz up your experience onboard with an immersive 3D experience! First Class, Business Class and Economy Class cabins of Emirates treat you to the biggest inflight screens for unparalleled entertainment.

What are the Emirates Airlines Inflight Wi-Fi Plans?

If you are looking forward to buying a Wi-Fi plan while flying with Emirates, go through the table below to know the prices. However, free Emirates Airlines inflight Wi-Fi is available for its Skywards members.

Wi-Fi plans for

Prices (as per the flight length)

Unlimited chat

USD 2.99 ‑ USD 5.99 


USD 9.99 ‑ USD 19.99

Easy connect

USD 9.99 for 30 minutes (unlimited data)


Please note

  • Chat is available for WhatsApp, iMessage, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Line, or Viber with the airline’s text-only service.
  • Easy Connect is available in selected regions.

How Can I Enjoy My Emirates Playlist Onboard?

To enjoy your Emirates Airlines trip, watch inflight movies, listen to music, read magazines, and more. Here’s how you can sync your curated playlist to your seatback TV easily.

  • Create your playlist in The Emirates App.
  • Go to your smartphone settings.
  • Turn on the Wi-Fi.
  • Go to The Emirates App.
  • Open your playlist.
  • Tap on Sync.
  • Follow the prompts to pair it with your seatback TV.
  • Click Play.

What In-Flight Dining Options Does Emirates Offer?

As you fly on an Emirates flight, up your experience not only with entertainment but also with lip-smacking treats served. Your Emirates Airlines inflight meals offer you the following options –

Economy Class

Savor a multicourse meal that treats you to traditional dishes while giving a hint of the local tastes of the destination you are flying to.

Premium Economy

Pamper your palate with regional food and lovable desserts. Sip on your favorite sparkling wine or a premium vintage.

Business Class

Gorge on sweet-savory snacks or relish gourmet meals with complimentary champagne. Satiate your temptation in the most delectable way!

First Class

Select your menu for short, medium, or long-haul flights as required. Want to grab a complete meal or just a flavorful midnight snack, premium beverages and toothsome canapés are served.

Please note

You can easily check the in-flight menu online. To know what you can expect onboard when it comes to food and drinks, enter your flight number or route.

In Conclusion

Therefore, be assured of Emirates Airlines Inflight entertainment, which provides you generous servings of your favorite movies, music, and more. Grab a Wi-Fi plan as required, create your customized playlist, read online magazines, check online magazines and much more!

So, if you have an Emirates trip on your cards, go for the entertainment choices and delight in a journey like never before.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there TV on the Emirates flight?

Yes, Emirates flights have seat back televisions for entertainment.

Do you get free headphones on Emirates?

Yes, Emirates provides you with free headphones for immersive entertainment.

Do we get a free meal on an Emirates flight?

Yes, you get free Emirates airline meals as their cost is included in your ticket fare.

Can I carry alcohol in Emirates?

Yes, you can carry alcohol on an Emirates flight. However, if in retail packaging, the alcohol volume it must be within 24% to 70%. It must be within 5L receptacles.

The Emirates Airlines Inflight Entertainment Experience
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