An Emirates Change Flight Guide

Emirates Change Flight

Are you traveling with Emirates Airlines and looking forward to making changes to your booking? You can easily do it with Emirates change flight policy. With this flexible policy designed in the best interest of the passengers, you can modify your flight booking in a hassle-free manner. No matter which flight details you want to change, the airline helps you do it easily.

Whether you have to change your travel date, destination, name, or anything else on your booking made already, Emirates allows you to do so.  However, the change for your booking is paid. So, you have to pay a set fee for it. At the same time, the airline facilitates you to avoid paying any change fee in various ways. So, go through the account below and learn more about changing flights on Emirates.

What is the Emirates Flight Change Policy?

Changing your well-planned trips is never a welcoming experience. However, circumstances come up and you have to address those with your plans going for a toss. But you can do it in a smooth way with the airline’s help. Thanks to Emirates flight change policy, which is customer-friendly and flexible. Here are its highlights for your reference –

  • If you want a same-day flight change, Emirates allows you to swap your flights on the same day of flight departure according to the seat availability.
  • Change your flight within 24 hours of booking to avoid paying any charges for it. However, the flight booked must be scheduled after at least 7 days.
  • Your new flight might have higher fares. So, pay the fare difference.
  • Check the flight change deadline of the airline before modifying your booking. Accordingly, reschedule or modify your ticket within 11 months of the original booking, without paying any charges for it.

Call +1-860-200-8875 to get more information about flight change policy and rules of Emirates.

How Late Can I Change My Flight on Emirates?

As per Emirates flight date change policy, you must change your tickets latest by 7 days before departure.

How to Change an Emirates Flight?

If you want to make changes to your Emirates flight, follow the steps mentioned below –

Through the Official Website

  • Visit Emirates Airlines official website.
  • Go to the Manage Booking option.
  • Enter your booking details.
  • Press the Flight Change button.
  • Through the Edit option, follow the prompts to change –
    • Flight date
    • Departure time
    • Cabin class
    • Travel route
  • Pay the change fee, if any.

The airline will send you the flight change confirmation on your email address.

Via Phone Call

  • To change the date of your flight on Emirates through a call, dial 091670 03333.
  • You can also change the passenger’s name, flight time, destination etc.
  • Listen to and follow the IVR prompts.
  • Once connected to a live customer representative, convey your requirement.
  • Share your booking confirmation number.
  • Pay the change fee through the chosen payment mode.

At The Airport

Modify your booking at the airport kiosk. You can also request the Emirates helpdesk there. Provide your booking confirmation number and other details required for flight change. Pay the change fee.

Can I Make Flight Changes for One Passenger in a Group?

Yes, Emirates allows you to change a flight date or other requirements for only one passenger. For this, you have to visit its Help and Support page on the official website. Alternatively, you can call 091670 03333 for customer service assistance.

Please note

  • Flight changes apply to all the passengers in a booking.
  • If your booking is made through a third-party, contact the respective agent or agency for changes.

What is Emirates Flight Change Fee Policy?

As per your ticket type, charges apply to your booking modifications. Here are the highlights of the Emirates policy designed for flight change fee for your reference –

  • Pay a flight change fee if your ticket validity expires.
  • The flex ticket change fee depends on the destination for international flights.
  • The date change fee is determined by factors like travel class, route, and fare conditions. Take a look at the range of change fee below –
  • Economy – $75-$200
  • Business – $300-$400

How to Avoid the Emirates Flight Change Fee?

Emirates has devised a smart policy for fees on making changes. However, you can skip paying fee for any change on your flight in the following ways –

  • Follow its risk-free 24-hour flight change policy and change your flight within 24 hours of booking.
  • Know that Emirates doesn’t charge you for flights that it changes because of unavoidable circumstances.
  • You need not pay a fee for Flex plus ticket for any travel class.
  • If you change your flight date within the validity of the ticket, you skip paying a fee for it.


To wrap it up, you can easily change your Emirates flight booking or other details required while traveling with the Airlines. However remember that changing your reservation costs you an amount. But you need not worry about it as Emirates offers you smart hacks to avoid paying any charges for your modifications.

So, if a travel plan change comes up, stay relaxed. With Emirates you have easy to follow steps, flight change fee, and smartly designed change flight policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my Emirates flight?

Yes, you can change your Emirates flights through the official website, calling customer service at 091670 03333, and at the airport.

How to change my trip details online after completing an Emirates booking?

Use the Manage booking option to make booking changes as required. As per your ticket fare, pay certain charges for changes. To change a rewards booking with a partner airline, contact the Emirates Skywards team.

Can I change a booking made with Miles or Points online?

Yes, you can change your bookings online with Skywards Miles or Emirates Business Rewards points. Visit Manage your booking for it.

Can I make changes online for only one passenger in the booking?

No, every change you make applies to all the travelers in the Emirates booking. Contact Emirates to change the booking for one person.

Can I change the destination of my flight to Emirates?

Yes, you can change your destination on Emirates flights. Visit the Manage Booking section on the official website and make changes.

How to change the flight date on Emirates?

Go to the Manage Booking option on Emirates official website. Modify your flight schedule as per the on-screen prompts. Change the flight date as required & confirm the changes.

Can I make changes online for a partially used ticket?

Yes, even if you have traveled partially with Emirates, you can change your flight online through Manage your booking. However, it depends on your ticket’s fare conditions.

An Emirates Change Flight Guide
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